Irathane Futura was founded in 2003 following the amalgamation of two global companies, Futura Coatings and Irathane. Both companies were market leaders in the manufacture and supply of polyurethane and polyurea systems into a variety of industrial markets. Combined, Irathane Futura’s coating systems are used worldwide to solve severe problems in areas such as power generation, mining, water and petrochemical industries.

In the early 90’s, Futura Coatings identified an opportunity to adapt and produce coating systems specifically designed for speciality fabrications that required high performance and reliability. Today, Irathane Futura offers a choice of state-of-the-art sprayable coatings and structural urethanes that have been extensively used in large theming and architectural projects. Irathane Futura coatings have been used worldwide in theme parks, shopping malls, restaurants, casinos, hotels, water parks and movie sets to re-create realistic features which will last a lifetime.
Irathane Futura produces numerous speciality systems, from flexible elastomers to hard coatings and plastics to suit the customer’s application and prides itself on the high level of customer care and attention provided. Throughout every stage of a project, from initial R&D to product specification and selection, training and technical services, Irathane Futura works in partnership with customers to ensure each project is a complete success.

As part of the overall commitment to customer satisfaction, Irathane Futura supplies and recommends a full range of accessory materials such as finishes, adhesives and patching materials. Irathane Futura aims to provide customers with a working solution and have developed a close working relationship with approved equipment manufacturers and distributors to ensure coatings are accurately processed and operated


At Irathane Futura we have established an outstanding worldwide reputation for developing,manufacturing and distributing high performance polyurethane and polyurea coatings, elastomers and structural resins. This combination of engineering expertise and high performance products has earned us an outstanding reputation within the following key industrial sectors: 

  • Potable and WasteWater
  • Power Generation
  • Mining and Mineral Processing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Marine
  • Construction

Following the acquisition in 2003 of Futura Coating by ITW and subsequent merging with Irathane, a long standing division of ITW, Irathane Futura was born. Both separate companies were market leaders in the manufacture and supply of polyurethane and polyurea systems into a variety of industrial markets

Continuous product development and 40 years experience in the international coatings business have culminated in a range of coating solutions synonymous with quality and high performance. These coating systems are being specified for use in some of the most severe operating environments.


  • Exceptional ability to resist severe erosion and corrosion.
  • Products to protect against a range of chemicals.
  • Systems designed with the capability to accommodate structural movement.

ITW Engineered Polymers is a part of ITW's Polymers & Fluids segment, one of seven large business segments forming ITW, a Fortune 200 Company.

 ITW Engineered Polymers is a worldwide manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, coatings, lubrication and cutting fluids for industrial, construction and consumer purposes - composed of two regional divisions (Europe and North America) with production facilities in Denmark, Ireland and USA.

We deliver premium quality products and solutions for commercial, marine and industrial use, based on our key competences and experience.

The core focus markets for ITW Engineered Polymers are:

  • Marine
  • PetroChemical
  • Alternative Energy
  • Transportation
  • General Industrial
  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

We work closely with our customers to provide them with value-added solutions, and are committed to the continuous delivery of superior technical support and expertise, premium quality products and ongoing R&D initiatives.

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ITW (Illinois Tool Works, Inc) is one of the world’s leading diversified manufacturers of specialized industrial equipment, consumables, and related service businesses.

ITW businesses serve local customers and markets around the globe, with a significant presence in developed as well as emerging markets.

The company has operations in 57 countries that employ more than 48,000 women and men who adhere to the highest ethical standards. These talented individuals, many of whom have specialized engineering or scientific expertise, contribute to our global leadership in innovation.

We are proud of our broad portfolio of more than 16,000 granted and pending patents.

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ITW Engineered Polymers