Abrasion and Erosion Resistant

Original Irathane Polyurethane Elastomers

Irathane Futura has produced solvent-based, high abrasion and corrosion resistant polyurethane elastomers since their inception. Irathane Futura’s reputation for setting quality performance standards, including primer systems for most substrates is second to none. Applied by spray, trowel or brush, our coatings are extremely durable and often outlast the material they protect; yet they have the elasticity of natural rubber to cater for constant substrate movement.

Our range also includes hot processed elastomers specifically designed for the centrifugal lining of pipework and for casting wear-resistant parts.

High Durability - Low Cost

Our spray-applied, fast-curing polyurea elastomers are a highly durable, cost-efficient alternative to polyurethane compounds for producing waterproof protective membranes and linings.

Polyurea products possess excellent physical and weathering properties and are abrasion and corrosion resistant, readily tolerate crack movement and easily repairable. Polyurea 2000 has UK and international potable water approvals.

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