Architectural Hardcoats

Architectural Foams

Create limitless forms that are compatible with any type of finish coating.

No other architectural fabrication system, short of labour intensive hand carved stonework, can provide the degree of quality of Styrothane.

Custom-made intricate and complex designs can be produced quickly and economically. This coating system provides fragile foam architectural trim and shapes with a superior surface hardness, damage resistance and outstanding aesthetics. The Styrothane system allows you to eliminate a cementitious base coat and need for reinforcement mesh for detail work.

An unlimited range of decorative moulding features can be produced for residential and commercial buildings.


Features & Benefits

  • Recreate any architectural features such as domes, cornices, arches, columns, windows and doors
  • Fire retardant systems are available to specify to meet various codes, contact us for more information
  • Large range of finishes including marble, wood and metal are achievable
  • Cures in seconds to reduce labour costs
  • Built-in toughness to resist impact, weathering and thermal cycling
  • More cost effective than plaster, wood or FRP production methods
  • Compliments the EIFS system



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