Pipe Coating and Lining

Futura Direct to Metal Coatings

The Protec Series of coatings are designed to solve corrosion, wear and abrasion problems in a variety applications and environments.

These advanced polyurethanes and polyureas are easily spray-applied utilising existing technology in both shop and field operations.

Futura’s 100% solids formulations create a uniform, dense, high build coating with environmentally friendly zero V0C. - many can be applied direct to metal. These coatings are available in a fast cure or standard cure for safe, efficient application and provide a hard,  impact resistant coating with long-term chemical resistance, corrosion protection and excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment for steel and ductile iron pipelines. It also gives excellent protection to steel pipes against H2S gas and acidity.

Below ground, it protects against damage during pipeline burial and underground service procedures. Above ground, varieties of Protec have excellent UV stability - great for protecting pipe-fittings, elbows and pumps.

Pipeline failure IS NOT an option 

For over 20 years, Irathane Futura has been supplying on-shore coating solutions throughout the pipeline industry, securing approvals and building a solid reputation for quality and reliability. We have secured an enviable global market position, built upon our tried and tested polyurethane coating solutions, which continue to perform in thousands of kilometers of pipelines around the world.

Our customers have the confidence that polyurethane coatings provide years of hassle-free operation. As a company, we are focused on innovation and cost effective solutions and operate within the following industries.  

  • Oil and Gas 
  • Drinking water
  • Waste-water 
  • Mining

Irathane Futura coatings offer a wide variety of solutions, which can be apllied to a variety of substrates to meet our customers' specific application requirements.      

Exceptional Performance Properties 

Irathane Futura's Protec range of polyurethane protective coatings have been developed to reduce the potential for pipeline failures. Our system offer have effective protection against corrosion and are suitable for new pipeline projects as well as refurbishments. 

Key attributes include; 


  • Resistance to abrasion, reosion, corrosion and impact
  • Resistance to cathodic disbondment 
  • Ability to accommodate flex during transportation and installation 
  • Resistance to a broad range of chemical environments 
  • Excellent adhesion direct to metal - primers are not required 
  • Zero VOC, 100 % Solids - Solvent free technology 



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